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See the Features section for examples of what DynamO can do.

DynamO is a free and open-source event-driven particle simulator. Event-driven simulation is a fast and analytical technique for particle simulation and is an alternative approach to the more traditional time-stepping approaches (such as those found in Gromacs, Liggghts, and NAMD). DynamO is a reference implementation of many established event-driven models and a research platform for the latest advances in event-driven algorithms.

You can use DynamO as a molecular dynamics package to study model fluids or as a granular dynamics package to investigate solid particle processes (such as the hopper flow to the right). A wide range of particle models are available, from the basic hard sphere, to square-wells, stepped Lennard-Jones potentials, thin needles and more.

Take a look at the features / gallery section of the website to see examples of what systems DynamO can simulate. You can download a copy, and take a look at the documentation to evaluate it for yourself.

Latest News

First DynamO workshop: 23rd January 2015

The first workshop on how to install and use DynamO has been opened for registration. This is hosted at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory and will cover the following topics:

Workshop details and registration

Slides and workshop materials

Please note, movies and animations in the slides require Acroread 9.4.1 on Linux, or 9+ on Windows to play.

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